Task 1: The Reaping

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The Reaping Week is here. Write a short story detailing the day of your tribute’s reaping. Is he pulled out of school? Is she picking berries? Is it daytime or nighttime? How does your tribute react to her mentor and escort? Read about the mentor and escort of your kingdom on their kingdom’s profile page and feel free to add to their character.

This year, because of the rising unrest and looming rebellion, consider adding an extra edge of fear or danger into your task. Is your tribute a part of the rebellion? Does your tribute resist his or her reaping?

If your tribute is from a minor kingdom and wishes to volunteer, include answers to the following questions in point form or short answer format:

1) What is your tribute’s reason for volunteering?
2) What strengths can your tribute offer?
3) What are your tribute’s weaknesses?

This element of your task will not be published as it contains sensitive information that could be taken advantage of by other tributes. For your published portion of the task, write a short story detailing the final day of your tribute’s captivity, when their mentor and escort come to pick them up and notifies them of their success in being chosen. How does your tribute respond to the news? How has your tribute been treated during their waiting period? Again, feel free to give the escort and mentor some character.

If your tribute is from the Highlands and you’ve played a Hunger Games RP before, this task will tread on more familiar territory for you. Write a short story detailing your tribute’s reaping ceremony. Does he volunteer? Is her name drawn? Is he thrilled or mortified? Perhaps your tribute’s mentor gives her a bit of advice under his breath as she stands up next to him; or gives her the stink-eye because she volunteered. Make it real!

The purpose of this task is to give an impression of your tribute. How does he react to a stressful situation; or does he even find it stressful? How does she interact with those in power; is she a rebel or does she wish to make a good impression?

Please read the information supplied on your kingdom’s profile page as well as that supplied on the Guidelines & Information page before submitting your task.

If you need it, here are some example posts.

In case you have exams to write or social plans this Easter weekend, you’ve got plenty of time to complete this task. Your task is due on Saturday, April 26th.


In addition to the individual and cooperative stories of your tributes, the second annual Hunger Games will feature the ongoing story of a significant figure in the current rebellion. Coraline’s story will be told in serials released between tasks and will lend insight into the story beyond the arena. Read the first chapter now!

The last time Coraline had seen her sister, it had been through bulletproof observation glass on the day of her sister’s execution. Coraline had had hardly enough time to recognize her before the bag was over her head, the rope was over the bag, and the trapdoor was dropped.

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The Second Annual Hunger Games of the United Kingdoms of Scotland

The rebellion of the first Hunger Games that resulted in the escape of Canterbury tribute Rose Becket and was masterminded by members of the Hunger Games’ inner circle had been diffused quickly after the Games—the High King and his council moving swiftly and mercilessly to remove any hints of dissent.

Things were calm for most of the next year—a calm enforced by upgraded security and significantly increased military presence in all of the minor kingdoms. However, when brochures and television advertisements for the second annual Hunger Games began appearing once again in the cities and towns of Lower Britain, the delicate balance was thrown and rebellion began anew.

Stubbornly, the High King continued with his plans for the Games, sending mentors and escorts with armed guard into the kingdoms to retrieve selected tributes by force. Not all of these expeditions were successful—tributes, guards, and Hunger Games staff alike were caught in the crossfire of the escalating conflict.

When the surviving tributes and their mentors and escorts finally gather in an impregnably reinforced Bath, it will be a diminished company that hears the High King’s speech in the Royal Crescent.

It is the first week of the second annual Hunger Games of the United Kingdoms of Scotland, and Norwich and Swansea are completely overrun. Even the Highlands are in disarray, with families fleeing to the north to avoid the wars. Surrounded by bloody conflict, the city of Bath remains untouched. Walls of cement, firepower, and volatile mines protect its residents, and as tributes arrive they find it remarkably unaffected by the warfare infecting the rest of the country.

The prompt for your first task will be posted later this week.

Final Chance!

This is a submission-based RP with a focus on quality storytelling set in the United Kingdoms of Scotland, a brand new setting inspired by Suzanne Collins’ Panem.

Want to be a part of a growing story? Want to contribute a character to a rich, varied, original world that you can actually affect?

Highlights from the 1st Games include illustrated Parade outfits, a tribute escaping from the arena, this family interview, and a tribute choosing suicide over subjugation.

7 spots remaining. Applications are now closed.

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Male tribute from the Kingdom of Wales reserved!

Male tribute from the Kingdom of Wales reserved!

Male tribute from the Kingdom of Canterbury reserved! 8 spots remain.

Male tribute from the Kingdom of Canterbury reserved! 8 spots remain.

Male tribute from the Kingdom of Swansea reserved!

Male tribute from the Kingdom of Swansea reserved!

Female tribute from the Kingdom of Chester reserved!

Female tribute from the Kingdom of Chester reserved!